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A Message from Krisanna Jeffery

Registered Clinical Counsellor and Sex Educator


"If you knew that by taking one small action today you could increase sexual satisfaction, would you take that action?"

Would you like to improve your sex life but don’t know where to start?

Do you find discussions about your sexuality uncomfortable?

Are you ready to accept more pleasure into your life?

Then this toolkit is for you!


     By the time you finish reading this, you will see how small an action is actually required for a more enjoyable sexual life.

     After counselling individuals and couples for almost a quarter of a century, I've  recently developed a toolkit for increasing intimate pleasure. I feel strongly that given the huge challenges of being human, we might as well take full advantage of the potential for pleasure that we were given!

     The Great Sex for Life Toolkit offers a simple and practical, step by step approach to expanding your sexual experience, at any age, for couples or individuals.


The Toolkit Includes:



          The Great Sex for Life Toolkit informative self-help book is a simple home study guide that provides an easy template for you to examine aspects of your sexual development throughout life.  

     The Ageless Sexuality DVD, a live seminar which models easy discussion about many aspects of sex in an open and humorous way. 

    The Timeless Pleasure CD, a hypnotic CD which encourages full body presence, energy awareness, body and breath control, chakra connection and suggestions for a positive sexual attitude.

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When you use this user-friendly toolkit, here are some of the great benefits you will receive

An easy and private way to focus on your sexuality

A straightforward way to share your deepest sexual desires

Ways to keep desire alive

Ways to deepen intimacy

What to expect sexually with aging

An easy way to dialogue about sex with your partner

How to deepen love through sex and vice versa

Techniques to build orgasmic ecstasy

How to explore and expand your sexual limits

How to reprogram negative sexual attitudes

Ways to increase sexual confidence

How to overcome sexual challenges

How to increase you mind/body connection

How to experiment with your body’s energy

How to expand your concept of sexuality for more fulfillment

 And lots more!

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