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                    Brand New Program!


WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)  A personal note from Krisanna Jeffery

As a colleague in the personal growth field I know you are aware that healthy sexual expression is a requirement for optimum wellness..

The Great Sex for Life  Toolkit  is perfect for almost everyone wanting a better sex life as well as a more meaningful relationship. Because of that it  has huge marketing potential.

Sadly, the sex market is mostly related to pornography which doesn't usually lead to better sex or a more meaningful relationship. The Toolkit offers a healthy and effective approach to sexual health and wellbeing. We also offer other health and wellness products  (see below)

Your referrals will make a big difference  because the internet offers a vast opportunity to teach and learn through the use of effective, innovative products. With this goal in mind,  I'm pleased to share my profits with you .

Interested in signing up ? go to


WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)  How this Affiliate Program works:

We very much appreciate your support, and are happy to pay you for your help. When you join our affiliate program, ( easy, easy!) you will earn 20% per sale generated from your site or email referral. Did I say it's easy!

Our affiliate program creates text ads, text links and banners (coming soon) that are specific to you. That will let us know that YOU sent us the referral. You simply grab your special HTML code from our Affiliate site and paste it on your web site or into your emails, and you are ready to join us in marketing  the Great Sex for Life Toolkit™. If you are interested in general wellness, our affiliate program also includes the following great products. Tai Chi for Busy People™, Easy Tai Chi CORE™, 4 Minute Fitness, Easy Weight Loss for Busy People

When you reach your payout minimum, we either credit your PayPal account or send you a check, whichever you prefer.


WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)  What does it cost you?

Absolutely nothing!   Affiliates join for free. In fact, we pay you $10 as a signing bonus.


WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)   Is Your Website or Email List Appropriate?

We offer a variety of products, creating many marketing opportunities. So - any site relating to health and wellness, martial arts, weight loss, stress management, healthy sex, sports and fitness, disease support or information, music and dance, video and DVD sales, family and relationships, business management and more...will find at least some of our products appropriate to promote.

Click either of the following links to see our affiliate support pages, filled with information you can use in promoting these products.

 Affiliate Support for Healthy Sexuality

Affiliate Support for Health and Wellness Products

Click here:

Our site is updated regularly with new and interesting information. We offer regular e-mail support to our participants, as well as personal help whenever needed. And we will happily answer any of your questions when they arise.

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes)  Ready to get started?

Click here:

We're excited to welcome you to our affiliate team, helping you help others live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Thank you for your help in promoting the Great Sex for Life Tool Kit, and/or Tai Chi for Busy People™, Easy Tai Chi CORE™, 4 Minute Fitness, and Easy Weight Loss for Busy People™  



It's free to join!

Earn 20%
per sale

$10 sign up


Terrific support

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Many text links and text ads from which
to choose

How are you paid? Easy.

1. We can credit your PayPal
account, or...
2. Send you a check.


To get started,
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Need More Information?

Please contact Krisanna Jeffery at
1348 Gabriola Dr
British Columbia, Canada V9P 2X8
Toll Free 1-866-468-5760 between 9-5 Pacific

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