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  Lets Talk Pornography

  Finding a Therapist

  Personal Growth: Where to Start

  Sexual Affairs - to Tell or Not to Tell

   Grief - A Vital Part of Life

  Love and the Power of Being Present

  Survival Skills for Conflict

 Men And Women

 A Tribute to Great Dads

 Energy Psychology: How Can it Help You

 Fantasy and other Sexual Secrets

 Creating Sexual Goals

Boomer Sex

The Positive Side of Sex after Fifty

Erections and Aging

Beyond Intercourse


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Dr. Lori Buckley interviews Krisanna Jeffery, author of "The Great Sex for Life Toolkit". In this episode Krisanna gives us guidance and "Steps to take to have great sex throughout our lifetime". Krisanna and Lori also discuss the biggest misconceptions about penises and vulvas.

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Krisanna discusses the "Importance of Sex for our Health" for Boomer-Living.com

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